Welcome, love, to my online home!

I'm Emma Burns - a Certified Reflexologist and Wellness Coach.

I guide women into a place of deep and profound healing - both through the hands-on experience of Reflexology and the emotional-mental guidance of Wellness Coaching.

My practice is a loving, non-judgemental, and intimate space.

You're invited to show up as you are - in all your loving, messy authenticity.

After many years of this work, I've discovered that while the tools themselves are powerful, the deepest healing always comes through strongest when we connect on a human level - getting to know each other as people, and not as symptoms or challenges listed on a intake form.

It is inside our most authentic being that we find what we were truly looking for all

along: ourselves. Happy, healthy, and free.

Chances are, if you've found my work, you're a lot like me: a natural-born giver who has

spent most of her life caring for others only to often neglect herself.

While it has taken me many years, and a lot of heartache, to heal the overgiving and create a more balanced life, it is my desire to accelerate that process for you!

It is my intention that through our time together, you're able to open yourself to finally

receive all the beauty, magic, and love that you pour into others. That you can finally see your worth and own your boundaries with pride!

For the woman who is ready to step into who she really is. The woman who is ready to embrace her body, her sexuality, her passions, her truth. The woman who is ready to stop neglecting herself and start loving herself deeper instead.

Welcome to the next step on your path.