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How long Does Reflexology Take?

I book out an hour per client to make sure we can discuss anything that is showing up for them in that moment , so we can tailor the session to suit. We go into the treatment and then time to come around at the end.

What do I do if I need to cancel/ reschedule?

You can call or message me. I do ask for cancellations to be as prompt as possible. If it’s within 24 hours , we can reschedule at no cost , but after that I will need to charge for the space. Same for Rescheduling. You can also go into the booking link and so yourself this way.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes , it’s a great way to treat a loved one. I sell gift vouchers as single sessions or packages. Just contact me and we can have the voucher created for the special person.

What do I need to bring?

Most importantly yourself! I suggest you wear sensible , comfy clothing and shoes ( for walking on the grass to the yurt) and a bottle of water / drink for hydration. The rest is for me to cover (towels, blankets, cream etc)

What if I have a skin condition?

If you need to use a particular cream, I would suggest you bring it with you.

What do you use on my feet?

I use moisturising creams usually to hydrate the skin and to glide easy, both with and without lavender for personal choice.

If you were treating a child would an adult need to be present?

Yes, any child under the age of 16 I would only treat with their carer or parent present in the room.

Do you only treat women?

No, I do treat men, however I do not offer additional services to Reflexology - for either gender , I have to be clear on this because this is a question that does get asked.

Can I bring someone?

If for any personal reason you would feel safer having someone with you that can be arranged. I want my clients to feel safe, comfortable and happy for the session to have the full benefits it can provide.

How would I find you?

The address is provided on this website and on the calendar and can be found in google maps - I do suggest that if you have booked and never been to save my page home number to call me in case you get lost.

What are your suggestions before and after treatments?

I always suggest that clients give them selves ample time to arrive for the session , in case of traffic, diversions etc. To avoid it being stressful. After the sessions , I would suggest that you again give yourself ample time to adapt and come around, but also to keep yourself safe for driving.

How am I likely to feel?

Every session is different even for the same person. Each session is tailored for the needs you have in that specific moment. Sometimes you will come away feeling energised and other times tired. Whatever your body needs from you in that moment will show up. And this is always discussed in the debrief as the end of a session. This is apart of healing , we can lean in and nurture that space., it can be very powerful.

Can Reflexolgoy help with sleep?

Absolutely, because it enables you to lean in and relax , your body will know it is safe and your nervous system will be at ease. This can have great impacts on benefiting your sleep because the body is not in a fight or flight response.

How many sessions do you recommend?

Every person and situation they are faced with is different , so until I have at least treated you once will I have an idea of what could really help you. However, the way I work is based on trusting intuition , I can suggest a number of sessions and a plan for how to take these sessions to benefit you and the outcome you are looking for. But ultimately, it’s up to you to decide and commit to the sessions to see the best and most effective results.

Can it help me deal with physical pain in my body?

Yes, it can, by working of the reflex points that correspond with your body, we can locate the reflex in your feet and treat from there. I do not claim to cure anyone from anything , but when a person deeply enjoys and commits to what they love , they can certainly experience a much better quality of living , which in turn can lower pain, make better lifestyle choices and enjoy a better quality of life.

Can Reflexology help me with cope better with desperation, anxiety, stress, grief?

Absolutely, the way I work is holistic, this is about treating all of you. When people seek and commit to help and support they enjoy, the cycle of patterns can begin to change. I am keen to help people see, experience and recognise that being who they are is special, whilst allowing and creating a relaxing and soothing environment for both their body , mind and soul to enjoy. And when we connect deeper and more authentically to our true selves , our quality of life improves - one step at a time - but again I do no claim to cure , we work together to get the best outcomes.

Is Reflexology safe if you are undergoing cancer treatment?

I work with many clients who are undergoing cancer treatment or have just finished and so far it has been a benefit. It is not designed to contraindicate what your treatment plan is , but it can certainly compliment it by allowing your body time to heal and process the intensity of the cancer treatment for a better quality of living.

What’s the booking process?

If you are interested and have lots of other questions , it’s good to message me and we can arrange a call ( no charge) to discuss what’s coming up for you. However, if you know this is for you , you an click on the booking link and schedule in your appointment. But generally I do suggest you contact me before first appointment, to make sure what I provide and what your looking for matches.

Do you take a booking fee?

Yes to secure your space I do take deposits which I will send you the link to.

Is it safe to be treated whilst pregnant?

Yes, unless you have been advised specifically not to for a valid medical reason, it’s an incredibly supportive and wonderful treatment to create a wonderful pregnancy memory of you connecting and honouring your well-being.

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