People I Love

I believe in uplifting the community that has uplifted me.

Below are a list of some of the incredible people I've worked with over the years, whose work I highly recommend...


Kelsey Marchand

I was desperate to find someone who could create copy for my website in a really unique and connective way. When I read what she had written I knew she “got me” and represented me fully- she helped me to get my message across so much more


Jenny was my photographer for my webpage and I knew she was the right one. Jenny has a very distinct connection with sensitive, empathic , quirky , neaurodiverse business owners - she capture your personality beautifully and because I knew I wanted outdoor pictures , it was instinctive to have Jenny take the photos I was looking for!


Michelle Atlas

Michelle is a superb relationship and money coach , she taught me how significant the two go together and enabled me to go deeper into my relationship with myself, others and my business , it transformed my business and as result everything in my life including money!


Anke Herrmann

Anke’s ability to make sure your website represents everything you are about is clear in this website alone. She took on everything about it, it made my life so much easier, the attention to detail is superb and I couldn’t have imagined it to be this superb- really pleased.


Sam has been at the heart of me setting up my business. Sam was my doula with my third child who was born at home. Sam advocated soundly for my personal choices and birth rights , which empowered me so much, I finally set up my business as a Reflexologist/ coach after having this significant influence, I knew from this I could achieve anything


Lucy-Jane Bainbridge

Lucy is the social media priestess !! She knows exactly how to get to the heart of the message you want to get out to your ideal and spectacular clients. Lucy helped me to get my messaging clear in an easy , intuitive way. Working with her showed me how to make this aspect of business easy , as I previously feared it a lot and would shy away and other think things to stop me , her teachings are of huge value and very easy flowing!


Jenny really helped me to understand my body and connect in to the wisdom of my cycle. This has helped me to work more effectively and tenderly in my business whilst being a mother of three ! I have learned to listen to my body more and notice her subtle hints for care and attention, this helped me to prepare and schedule my work life balance far more Authentically and sustainably whilst be in tune with my body!


Leanne has been a big part of my life since I was 20 and her poems have developed leaps and bounds over the years , they have helped me to step into a side of myself that was hidden, but the more I shine a light and let those parts of me be seen, the more profound I can be with the people I love to serve!


Sam is my husband and has supported me throughout , his artwork is in connection to what I do as I’ve seen the benefits of creation for a better more profound mental well-being. He has made lots of jewellery with healing crystals which my clients enjoy alongside their treatments with me , it’s been a pleasure to collaborate, helping others.


Natalie is a very pleasurable soul ! She has been my eyebrow and massage therapist for the past year and I just love how she can make me so much more happy with what she does - her ethos is of ethical creation , her skincare products are made by her and she puts her heart into them, I would not have had photos taken with Natalies eyebrow magic!


Jo and Emma-Leigh have worked miracles on my hair over the last three years! Which has boosted my confidence ten fold. I love their ability to connect with people and they really listen to what you want , again without them I wouldn’t have had photos taken to market my business, I would highly suggest their service , especially if you are a more sensitive, empathic , neurodiverse type. They make the whole experience relaxing and supportive.


Emma and Ger have been amazing , I work from their land providing Reflexology, they are supportive , kind and I am very excited to be working at the yurt site when it is fully running , I am confident it provide the best escape space in South Wales - in the meantime time they do make a bloody gorgeous ice cream selection!