Emma Burns

Reflexologist and

Wellness Coach

Body-Heart Healing For Spiritual Women


You're on a path of self-discovery

You're enchanted by the mystical, the magical, and the mysterious

You're ready to stop neglecting yourself and start the journey to embracing ALL of

you - heart, body, and soul

You value warm, personal, and authentic healing over cold, detached, and clinical spaces

Sounds like you?

Welcome, lovely!

I'm so glad we've found each other.

Let's Work Together

The intention for this work is to help you blossom and bloom - to fall back in love with yourself and nurture your whole wellbeing.

Through these two complementary paths of Reflexology and Wellness Coaching, we're able

to create a ripple effect of healing that extends far beyond your session and into every area of your life.


Reflexology Services

Wellness Coaching

Self-Love, Body Positivity, and Confidence Coaching Sessions

I am more in tune with myself and my own wellbeing

I have had a bumpy 2 years with my Dad being really poorly and in work as a Health & Safety Manager for a large food retailer during the Covid pandemic. I was looking for a way to unwind and relax when a friend recommended Emma to me. Although I had experienced reflexology once in the past I had not pursued it, but Emma’s approach was something totally different.

In my taster session I was amazed at what she could tell me about myself – both spiritually & physically. As a sceptic about anything new I was immediately curious about how this works and what I could gain from it in the longer term. Having booked a course of 9 sessions I have found that I am more in tune with myself and my own wellbeing which, in turn, helps me to look after those I care about as well as in my job.

I am now booking a second course and look forward to each treatment with anticipation. They are all different depending on what is happening at the time and how I am feeling – which in itself is another benefit. As a result of the work we have done together my whole approach has changed.

The pressures and stresses have not gone away but I feel better equipped to manage how I deal with them calmly and can prioritise so that I make sure I am looking after myself too. I feel that my mind is more open and I have better choices to make. I have booked my second course with a view to maintaining what we have achieved so far. I also use the breathing techniques on a daily basis to unwind after work or any stressful situations


Every step starts with moving your feet

"I have always been interested in the benefits of reflexology and since Emma does this but in such a unique way I was called to work with her. I felt like it was more about getting to know me, my lifestyle, my physical ailments but also my

mental wellbeing too. I felt safe to be open and vulnerable. During my session I was able to actually relax. I had been so stressed and pent up with anxiety about where I was in my life, that I needed to give myself some self love, and

treating myself to a session with Emma was just what I needed.

I received the physical relief, the mental break and the support and loving care that I was needing in that moment. I have actually made some huge shifts in my life since seeing Emma. I have gotten out of a toxic relationship, made many steps towards loving myself more fully and giving myself the time and energy I need when I need it.

I have also given up one business and started a fresh. Now I’m not saying this is all 100% because of Emma and her reflexology and amazing service, but I came to see her when I was so low, I couldn’t see the wood through the trees, and after a little TLC and a safe space to be heard... I felt empowered to step into my true power, and every step starts with moving your feet!"

Jenny Giles

Emma is so kind, caring and passionate

"I have always wanted to try reflexology… (and) Emma always made me feel relaxed 😌 and at ease and because this was a difficult time for me, (as) I had post natal depression. I knew I could trust and connect with Emma through her treatments.

I have had a neurological disorder and pain, and through having this, the painful areas on my feet link with my mental and emotional body, so it’s helped me understand this and Emma explains everything. Emma is so kind, caring and

passionate… she is a great guide for (me). We are similar in a lot of ways and both could talk and share so much... all very amazing!"

Helen Wood

What I got was so much more

"(What) motivated me to work with Emma was that I'd been struggling to get pregnant, (having had two early losses). and just at a loss altogether with which way to turn. With me being the other side of 40 and my partner being 8 years younger than me, it had left me in a panic to get pregnant earlier rather than later… the worry alone was making things worse. I was advised to get in touch with a reflexologist in order to help me relax. However, what I got was so much more.

The most meaningful transformation for me has been the knowledge of myself I am learning. And that the path is never straight at all. I am learning about myself and the flow of me. I'm not pregnant yet, however I know that will come when the time is right.

And the panic is gone. although feelings still come and I know how to better comfort them."

Natalie Campbell

About Emma

Welcome, love, to my online home!

I'm Emma Burns - a Certified Reflexologist and Wellness Coach.

I guide women into a place of deep and profound healing - both through the hands-on experience of Reflexology and the emotional-mental guidance of Wellness Coaching.

My practice is a loving, non-judgemental, and intimate space.

You're invited to show up as you are - in all your loving, messy authenticity.

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