This is a real common difficulty for many a human but specifically for ND people

and certainly Women going through peri-menopause/ menopause.

In fact just due a period alone can lead to burn out. Why?

From my perspective, we are always under a false idolisation that ploughing through means strength.

Ok, yes there are somethings we just have to face and get through in order to grow and get things completed, but the assumption that women should be doing the exact same level of intensity through work, home life, social life - any life is unrealistic.

For me when I reflect on my time since my body started to change and become a woman , I started to have serious anxiety, worry and depressive episodes.

I found keeping up with anything a case of all or nothing - I would have the energy and enthusiasm and then within two weeks or so I would be flat on the floor feeling like I’ve completely failed at life because I couldn’t keep up and repeat.

No one ever explained why this was actually a sign that both my body and mind had burnt out and for good reason.

Instead I was surrounded by either people being Uber pushy in the “no pain no gain” mindset.

I had people stating that us as women are stronger than men and in order to prove that we must be more “masculine”. ( I think this is unhealthy for men too)

I had people saying just keep busy so you don’t overthink it.

But all I needed to do was rest and be reassured that I wasn’t failing, my body was telling me something and that actually being an empowering woman does not mean to do and behave like a man , to prove I am empowered.

Resting and slowing down is powerful stuff!

We can’t always plan it in, but when we know in hearts we need to slow down , it takes more power to accept and do so than it does fighting it.

I’ve had too many breakdowns and total burnouts over the years and each time I’ve learned something really important.

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone!

I’m not a failure, I am learning and growing always.

Understanding how my brain and body works and changes is a huge benefit and I will always be learning this.

So please, if you experience regular burnouts , rest assured you are not alone and it is totally ok - it’s showing us something needs to change for the BETTER not the Egos tail of failure and loss.

Yes sometimes we have to say goodbye to things, people, behaviours but ultimately its for a better life- one where you thrive being you and honouring your programming.

Your more precious than you sometimes know!

Huge love

Em x