Dear Devoted, Gorgeous, Sensitive Mama

You are not weak for having a compassionate soul, it’s actually your best asset!

I see you everyday showing up for your family, work, friends, neighbours, doing your best to make sure they have everything they need and whilst they do, your mind is racing and overwhelmed with “is this enough?”

You ask yourself daily “am I really doing my best?” Assuming in order to feel like a good mother you should be doing more, that they should have more opportunities, experience more adventure and be provided with more after school classes just in case.

It looks scary to just be minimalist and relax because to you it seems that every other mother has a list twice as long as yours and she’s ‘nailing it’.

You sit with your head in your hands whilst you are alone, feeling intense guilt, guilt for having everything you ever wished for and even fought for and yet your happiness feels like a million miles away, stagnant and almost numb.

You do your best to avoid being with your thoughts because it’s looks to scary to go inwards incase you have to face things you’ve spent years locked in a safe in a box.

You question your love for everyone and wonder how you could love them more in order to fill this void within.

All the time not realising that you love everyone else enough but the one child that’s being ignored is yours - your inner child.

She is calling for affection, for compassion, for love, for forgiveness, for the the chance to feel free again and show up exactly as she truly is without the expectations of what you “should” be.

You see a light shining in this direction only to have reminders that if you step Into yourself and love who you are you will offend people, loose friends, you will ruffle feathers and be called “selfish ” for actually caring for yourself, because mothers could only be great mothers if they are putting themselves at the bottom of the list.

Hyper vigilance takes over and you are constantly on the look out for an attack , forgetting that you need reassurance from yourself to make your way through, self-parenting is key!

I so get it, Because I am human too I have similar experiences, it’s pointless sugar coating it, but all of the above can be easier when we loosen the grip of control and surrender to the lessons being taught.

It’s ok to find your way to connect back in and have time for you to take care of yourself so that all of the above becomes easier.

With my 1-2-1 Reflexology sessions You can step into that relaxed and chilled space, to begin healing , caring for yourself , to see clearer and enjoy being the woman you are - prioritising your enjoyments, your passions, your way!

You are worth this time ❤️

If you would like to learn more about how Reflexology could help you with this message me and we can discuss how this could help you too.

Have a great weekend

Huge love

Em x

Picture by Vince Gowman