“Go Bravely“ to Everyone

Things have been a little tough but everytime I hear this song

I know exactly why we have to keep showing up everyday - for all those who are “different “ you are the hero’s believe me!

Every day a hero is reborn,

She finds herself, her voice, and her purpose,

Not because life handed to her freely,

But because she chose to accept life’s gift of grace bravely.

You see, this life is one of testing,

Testing our patience, testing our resilience,

Testing how bad do we want our dreams and desires.

Life says that all that we can visualize we can have,

But the test come to determine whether we,

Are seated in faith, courage, and conviction.

Beautiful woman, so many times you have,

Shrank your being to fit into spaces,

You don’t belong.

Time and time again you allow the world to dim your infinite light,

Sometimes you even dim your own light,

Who taught you these treacherous things.

Let this be a reminder that you are more,

Expansive than even your own imagination,

You are the universe, the galaxies, the cosmos,

And everything that the Divine is,

And so, because you are That, you are capable,

You are gifted, and you are so unique.

All of the things that you may,

Hate about yourself are your strengths,

It’s okay to be soft. It’s okay to be opinionated,

It’s okay to be different. And it’s so okay to just be you.

The world awaits to receive you. The world needs

Your smile, your uniqueness, and your essence.

So beautiful woman, go out there and take up space.

Let your presence be felt. Let your voice be heard.

The world needs you. We need you. You need you.

And so, enter the world as all of you.

Go bravely.

Londrell featuring Shelly Ann Gajadhar