I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve and Often Wonder if It’s Harming Me

I have recently again questioned my own worth.

I noticed I didn’t think I was :-

🥲 good enough

🥲 worth enough

🥲 strong enough

🥲 a good mother, wife, friend, human.

My self worth was very low.

I was sad, grieving, hurt, angry, mad, frustrated and I felt lost.

But my lack of self worth and the assumption I deserved this was causing me my painful experience, more than what was actually happening outside of me.

Life happens. Bad things happen and there is often no logical reason behind it.

It did make me assess what I do and why I do it - and I realised:-

I became a Reflexologist accidentally , I had zero plan for it, I effectively stumbled across it and since then it’s radically changed my life, it’s who I am now, not just my job. I am blessed.

I accidentally found my husband too, I accidentally found my friends and my home, none of which I ever imaged would be who or what it is, but actually ten times better than I could have imagined.

My children have helped me to set free so many shadows of myself I have hid, scared of it not being accepted, they have shown me that being who you are is more important than fitting in- it’s exhausting and painful. And by accident it lead me to getting a diagnosis of ADHD which then made a huge amount of sense. I crave justice, diversity, understanding and compassion.

I adore working with people who are keen to find out more about themselves, who want to get closer to their body, their mind, their essence - I love that every client I treat is so so different and ready to see and be who they are from the inside out. That excites me and I just couldn’t me more prouder of them.

And whilst I am committed to helping them - I will make this promise both to them, my family, my friends and most importantly to myself to recognise that self worth is a non negotiable priority and I will always do whatever I need to keep growing , transforming and helping others.

Including have time out to process , regardless of my ego trying to convince me I’m failing (sound familiar?)

Huge love

Em x


If You would love some amazing Reflexology to help you- don’t deny yourself what you desire, you are WORTH it ❤️