To All the Ones Who Continue to Ask "Why?"

The word WHY seems to spark huge insecurity to a person/people,

Especially when they don’t really know the true reason behind a statement, they too have be taught to do as you are told and not ask questions or you will be unsafe.

You are NOT!:-

🫦 AWKWARD- for being curious, you are courageous for being wanting to know more and understand!

🫦DIFFICULT - just because you want to know the reasons behind a rule and being told “ that’s just how it is “or “I said so” or “because that’s always how it has been”, creates zero understanding as to why that is and you feel fobbed off!, rightly so!

🫦 HARD WORK - because you don’t conform to something that genuinely doesn’t make sense to you and want to expand that ethos out of the box. That’s screams INTELLIGENT to me.

🫦 WEAK, STUPID or IDOL- just because it make zero sense to do something that isn’t being explained or taught in a way that helps you to expand your mind , confirms you’re intellectually not being challenged enough with the matter at hand and need stimulation to make it exciting to learn.

I tell you what you REALLY are:-

💕 CREATIVE- because you have a more connective experience with nature (many people call this sensitive) if you know something needs to change you will know quickly and we need people who can speak up or create positive change.

💕 LOVING- you have the capability to turn anything into something you love, you love to learn and what to embrace all the happy hormones in learning, if it’s not there you will feel a deep sense of an unmet need!

💕 ADVENTUROUS - your desire for adventure is appealing and contagious- something our culture gets frightened of, because you actually could make the world a fairer and more fun place, but how would you be controlled???

💕 GLOWING- you glow and shine bright because of your desire to be seen fully as you are , that glow fades when it looks unsafe to open and step out of the box.


Whether you got the grades or not, DOES NOT define your true , innate ability! Your actions do!

What you do with your tenacity and profound ability is what will bring you joy and success and NO ONE outside of you deserves to inform you of different (that in itself, is just someone sharing an insecurity of their own, that’s ok, they are human, the power is in recognition of this instead of trying to over power and manipulate in order to seek power!)


I could go on for days this but I'll leave it here

Have a great day

Em x